Expedition Sponsors
An expedition requires financial assistance to pay for things like food, lodging, transportation, clothing, and specialized expedition equipment. For our expedition, most of the money comes from us. The money we earn from our school assembly programs and selling our pictures to book and magazine publishers helps us pay for our expeditions. We also have sponsors who support our work in two ways: getting students excited about the nature, science, technology and providing us with some of the needed equipment. They are listed below. Check them out to learn more about the equipment they make.

Think about past and present explorers and adventurers. Did they have any sponsors or supporters? Who were their sponsors? Why did the sponsors want to help those people and their expeditions? Do you think those explorers and adventurers could have made their expeditions without the help of their sponsors?

-Wayne and Karen Brown

Click on our sponsors logos or names to learn more about them.

Expedition Funding
PADI PROJECT AWARE FOUNDATION - PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) is the world's largest scuba diver training organization. PADI's Project Aware Foundation supports projects that promote marine awareness, education and conservation.
Kayaks and Accessories
COBRA KAYAKS - This California-based company supplied us with their special traveling kayaks and completely outfitted us with paddles, seats, and all the other kayak accessories we needed. Our kayaks were literally "fresh out of the oven." Powdered plastic is poured into the kayak mold, which is placed in huge ovens, heated to about 500°F. The ovens rotate the kayak molds. After about an hour, the molds are taken out of the ovens and spun over and over as they are cooled by huge fans. After two hours of cooling, the molds are opened and what was only colored powder three hours ago is now a complete kayak! Our kayaks are Cobra T/A Travelers and are a white granite color.

Scuba Diving Equipment
AQUA LUNG / U.S. DIVERS CO. - This is the world's largest maker of snorkeling and scuba diving equipment. The inventor of scuba diving, Captain Jacques Yves-Cousteau, started this company. U.S. Divers has been a supporter of our school assembly programs, The Ocean Adventure, for years. U.S. Divers supplies us with all of our colorful, high-tech snorkeling and scuba diving equipment.

St. Lucia Sponsors

ANSE CHASTANET HOTEL - Accommodations for our crew on the island of St. Lucia were provided by Anse Chastanet Hotel, the ideal location for people who want who want to be surrounded by nature. The beautiful small cove in front of Anse Chastanet contains part of a national underwater park.

Scuba Diving
SCUBA ST. LUCIA - Located at Anse Chastanet Hotel, Scuba St. Lucia, is a PADI 5 Star Dive Center. Scuba St. Lucia is the largest and best equipped dive operation on St. Lucia. In addition to offering guided underwater tours of the St. Lucia Marine Park, Scuba St. Lucia runs dives to the Pitons, to other coral reef locations and to local shipwrecks.

Jungle Mountain Biking
BIKE ST. LUCIA - Located in a jungle valley next to Anse Chastanet Hotel is Bike St. Lucia. This is a full service mountain bike center with 50 brand new mountain bike and an experienced and helpful staff. Over 5 miles of trails offer beautiful and exciitng rides through the jungle on trails from beginner to hard-core single track.

St. Vincent Sponsors

The ST. VINCENT TOURIST BOARD was very helpful in arranging our accommodations, volcano climbing and scuba diving. You can learn more about the beautiful island of St. Vincent and all the things to see and do there by visiting their web site - http://www.svgtourism.com scuba

NEW MONTROSE APARTMENTS HOTEL, Kingstown, St. Vincent - Accommodations were provided by New Montrose Apartments Hotel. On the side of a hill looking down into Kingstown, we were next to the famous St. Vincent Botanical Gardens.

Scuba Diving
WALLILABOU DIVE EXPERIENCE - Kenard Cruickshank took us to explore some of his favorite scuba diving sites. Wallilabou Dive Experience is located on the calm Caribbean shore of Wallilabou, St. Vincent.

Rainforest Hike and Volcano Climb
SAILOR'S WILDERNESS TOURS - Trevor Bailey took time from running his hiking and biking business to be our personal guide for our climb up La Soufriere volcano. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to join Trevor and his crew for a biking tour. You can see pictures of some of his hiking and biking tours by visiting.

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