Dive Booties:
Dive Booties are special wetsuit material boots we wear to protect our feet and keep them warm. We wear Dive Booties with our SCUBA Diving Open Heel Fins so the fins fit properly and don't scrape our feet. Dive Booties also come in handy for shore dives to protect the bottoms of our feet when we are entering and exiting the water. We wear thicker Dive Booties in cold water and thinner Dive Booties in warm tropical water.

Required Features
Proper Fit:
Dive Booties should snug, but not too tight like our wetsuits. If they are too loose water is always moving through the booties and the water inside can't get warmed up. If they are too tight they are hard to get on and could cause foot cramps.

Aqua Lung® Echozip Ergo Booties
The Aqua Lung® Echozip Ergo Booties that Mr. & Mrs. Brown wear are comfortable, warm and easy to put on and take off.

Special Echozip Ergo Booties Features
Anatomically Shaped:
These booties are specially designed to match the shape of a typical foot so they fit better and are more comfortable.

Ankle Zippers:
Each booty has an ankle zipper to make it easier to put on and take off.

Heavy-Duty Non-Slip Sole:
Flexible vulcanized rubber sole, protects the booties and our feet. They are non-slip so we won't slip and fall when walking on swaying, slippery boat decks.

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