Dive Computer:
A Dive Computer is a special water-proof computer for SCUBA diving. It tells us everything we need to know to dive safely. It shows us how deep we are, how long we have been underwater, calculates when we must go back up to the surface.

Required Features
Easy to Read Display:
You consult your computer constantly while diving, so choose one that makes sense to you and that you can read easily

Low Battery Warning:
Once turned on, a dive computer needs to run 24 hours or longer. The dive computer must be able to warn you if it won’t have enough power to do that. Modern dive computers have this feature, alerting you to change the battery before starting your dives.

Suunto® Vytec Dive Computer
The Suunto® Vytec Dive Computer is a powerful mini computer that is worn on the wrist. The Vytec has a special wireless transmitter that sends air tank air pressure data to the computer.

Special Vytec Dive Computer Features
Wireless Air Gauge:
A wireless transmitter attaches to our SCUBA Regulator and sends an electronic signal to our dive computer to constanlty show the air pressure in our air tank. This eliminates a separate air gauge which is attached to the SCUBA Regulator with an air hose. Our dive computer shows us our air tank pressure and our air consumption rate. The dive computer shows air tank pressure is both numerically and graphically, and an calculationg of the remaining air time is shown throughout our dive. Our dive computer automatically signals us with a loud sound to warn us when we are getting low on air.

Clock/Timer Display:
Shows current time, time we have been diving, time we have been out of the water, etc.

Temperature Display:
Shows water or air temperature in ºF or ºC.

Ascent Rate Display:
Shows us how fast we are going up. (This is important because it can be dangerous if we go up too quickly.)

Visual and Audible Alarms:
To help us stay safe our dive computer warns us with visual and audible alarms. Alarms include, ascending too fast, staying down to long, getting low on air, low battery, etc.

Dive Log Book:
Our dive computer keeps track of all our dives in its memory. This diving log can be viewed on our dive computer or it can be downloaded to a PC.

Dive Simulator/Planner:
Our dive computer allows to simulate a dive to a certain depth to see how much time we need to allow for our dive. This is important when we are doing more than one dive in a day.

Display Backlight:
Our dive computer has a display that lights up. This allows us to see the display when we are diving at night or in a cave or a shipwreck.

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