Diving Fins:
Diving Fins are paddle-like shoes that give us more power for swimming underwater. Using Diving Fins allows use swimming using our bigger and more powerful leg muscles. Using Diving Fins also frees our hands so we don't need to use them for swimming.

Open Heel Adjustable:
Open heel adjustable fins are the main type of fins used for scuba diving. These fins have adjustable straps on the back to adjust each fin for a perfect fit. They have the power to push us and our gear through the water. These large fins require we wear wet suit booties.

Full Foot Fins:
Full foot fins aren’t adjustable and don’t require wet suit booties. They go on like slippers. Full foot fins are usually smaller fins that are used for snorkeling. 

Required Features
Large Fin Blade:
Diving Fins are relatively large to provide maximum power. Diving Fins come in different blade sizes to meet the size of the diver or their style of diving.

AQUA LUNG® Slingshot Fins
The Diving Fins that Mr. & Mrs. Brown use are open heel adjustable AQUA LUNG® Slingshot Fins. These are revolutionary fins, make diving more comfortable, easier and fun. Its innovations include Power Bands, Gear Shift and Mid-foot Flex Joint that all add up to provide a wonderful diving experience

Special Slingshot Fins Features
Quick Adjust Buckles:
Buckles on the back of the fins that are attached to the fin straps and allow us to tighten or release them the straps quickly. This is very convenient when gearing up and getting out of the water.

Composite Construction:
Composite fins are made of different types of plastic to make them lighter and give them different swimming characteristics than other fins.

Power Bands:
Two pure silicone rubber Power Bands provide an additional boost of power when kicking with these fins. Power bands lessen fatigue and add thrust.

Gear Shift:
These fins allow us to manually tighten or loosen the Power Bands. Three different settings are available with the "Gear Shift" so we can change the settings during our dive.

Mid-foot Flex Joint:
This special joint takes the strain off of our toes and the top of our ankles. We now use our entire foot to power the fin rather than just the front half of our foot as with other fins. This special joint makes the fins a lot more comfortable to swim with than other fins.

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