Dive Knife:
A Dive Knife is NOT a weapon! A Dive Knife is a special tool and safety device. A Dive Knife is a tool we use underwater for cutting, prying, digging, pounding and measuring. As a safety device we use it cut cut away seaweed, rope or fishing line if we become entangled and need to free ourselves. We have also used it to cut away fishing nets to free trapped sea turtles. Sometimes we will carry more than one Dive Knife (a large one and a small one) depending on the type of diving we are doing.

Required Features
Sheath with Retainer:
A Dive Knife must have a sheath for attaching it on our equipment or body. The sheath must hold our Dive Knife securely, yet allow us to release and secure it with one hand. Some sheaths come with straps that allow us to wear it on our leg.

Smooth and/or Serrated Edges:
One side of the Dive Knife may have a smooth edge and the other side may have a serrated edge (like a steak knife). The smooth edge is good for slicing. The serrated edge is good for sawing.

AQUA LUNG® SABRE Dive Knife with Smooth Edge and Serrated Edge, Fishing Line Cutter and Blunt Tip
The Dive Knife Mr. Brown uses is an Aqua Lung® SABRE Knife with both smooth and serrated edges, fishing line cutter and a blunt tip. Mr. Brown likes having both serrated and smooth edges for any job that requires some sort of cutting. The fishing line cutter only requires a quick slice to easy cut through fishing lines. The blunt tip makes the Dive Knife a great multi-function underwater tool. Mr. Brown wears his Dive Knife on the outside of his lower leg so he can quickly reach the knife when needed.

Special VECTOR Dive Knife Features
Ergonomic Design:
The Dive Knife is designed to fit in our hand comfortably.

Holds a Sharp Edge:
The Dive Knife is constructed of high carbon 420 stainless steel to hold a sharp knife edge.

Metal Handle Butt Cap:
The metal handle butt cap works as a hammer. That makes this Dive Knife good for pounding on things underwater. This comes in handy if we need to get each other's attention by banging our air tanks.

Smooth Edge and Serrated Edge with Fishing LIne Cutter:
Smooth Edge on one side is good for slicing. On opposite side the Serrated Edge and Fishing Line Cutter allows this Dive Knife to easily cut through seaweed, fishing nets, rope and fishing lines.

Blunt Tip:
The blunt tip makes this knife great for prying or using as a screwdriver.

Quick Release Knife Sheath:
A unique, self-locking sheath that allows us easy, rapid, one-handed removal and replacement of knife.

Sheath Straps:
Sheath straps are made of easily adjustable, depth compenstating, stretch rubber with plastic friction

Knife Handle:
The Dive Knife handle is made of hard rubber.

Blade Length:
4.5 inches

Knife Length:
9 inches

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