Dive Light:
A Dive Light is water-proof flashlight designed for using while SCUBA diving.

We use our Dive Light as a flashlight when we going diving at night. During the daytime we use our Dive Light to look into cracks and crevices. We also use our Dive Light when we are exploring the insides of shipwrecks and underwater caves.

Required Features
Water Tight and Pressure Proof:
Any Dive Light is designed to be waterproof and to resist the increased pressure of diving underwater.

Durable and Reliable:
The underwater environment is not gentle on equipment. A Dive Light needs to be strong enough to withstand reasonable wear.

AQUA LUNG / TECHNISUB® Lumen 4 Dive Light
The Lumen 4 Dive Lights that Mr. & Mrs. Brown use are heavy-duty, compact flashlights that have lots of great features.

Special Lumen 4 Dive Light Features
Length: 6.57 in. Body Diameter: 2 in. This compact Dive Light is easy to always carry with us for day and night use.

15.5 oz.

Computer-designed reflector for intense and even illumination.

Focusing Light Beam:
Light Beam easily adjusted underwater from narrow (for day) to wide (for night) by turning front cap.

6 volts from four "C" cell batteries give 6 hours of bright light.

Thumb-operated, rotating switch with safety.

Non-corrosive molded plastic.

Depth Rating:
395 feet

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