SCUBA Regulator:
A SCUBA Regulator gives us air from our air tank. We connect the regulator to the air tank and breathe from the regulator mouthpiece. A regulator takes high pressure air from our scuba air tank and automatically adjusts it to the pressure we need for breathing. The regulator gives us air only when we inhale, and directs your breath into the water when we exhale. Through air hose attached to our regulator it also routes air to our BC, our alternate air source and air gauge (and dry suit if we are wearing one).

A SCUBA Regulator is what makes SCUBA diving possible. SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) Diving was invented by Frenchman, Capt. Jacques Cousteau in 1943. SCUBA is an air tank and special mechanical device (regulator) that only gives you air when you breathe. The first regulators were large two-hoses devices – one hose for breathing in and the other for breathing out. Modern regulators are much smaller one-hose devices. We breath through the mouthpiece connected to the single air hose and we breath out from the mouthpiece directly into the water.

Required Features
First Stage:
Attaches to the scuba air tank on/off valve. The first stage reduces the high pressure air from the air tank to an lower pressure and routes it to any air hoses attached.

First Stage Air Hose Connection Ports :
The regulator first stage should have multiple ports that allow additional air hoses to be connected. Additional air hoses may included hoses for alternate air source (octopus), BC inflation, dry suit inflation, air gauge, wireless dive computer transmitter, air tools, etc.

Second Stage:
At the end of the main air hose is the regulator second stage that we breathe from. The second stage reduces the air pressure in the air hose to the exact pressure we need for breathing comfortably underwater.

Second Stage Mouthpiece:
The mouthpiece is the part of the regulator second stage that we put in our mouth to breathe through.

Second Stage Purge Button:
The purge button on the second stage is used to remove water that has entered the regulator second stage before we breathe. Located on the front of the second stage, when pushed the purge button shoots air from the air hose into the second stage to exhaust any water inside the mouthpiece. The purge button also allows us to remove the air pressure from the requlator so we can easily take the regulator off the air tank.

AQUA LUNG® Mikron Regulator

The Aqua Lung® Mikron Regulator Mrs. Brown uses is the smallest and lightest regulator in the world. This regulator has lots of special features that make it smaller, lighter, more comfortable, safer, and easier to use. The new pink vanilla regulator color matches Mrs. Brown's Pearl i3 BC, too!

Special Mikron Regulator Features
At only 26 ounces this is the lightest regulator in the world! This reduces jaw fatigue and we carry less weight when we travel on our underwater expeditions!

As the smallest regulator in world this means it causes less drag when we swim underwater. It also takes up less space when we pack our SCUBA equipment for our underwater expeditions.

Adjustable Inhalation:
The regulator second stage has an adjustment knob that allows us to fine tune the amount of breathing effort during our dive.

Easy Breathing:
This regulator is engineering for effortless breathing underwater.

Comfo-bite™ Mouthpiece:
A new, specially-designed regulator mouthpiece that is more comfortble and reduces jaw fatigue. The pink vanilla version that Mrs. Brown uses features a new, smaller Comfo-bite™ mouthpiece designed for smaller mouths.

Braided Air Hose:
A new braided nylon regulator air hose is lighter and more flexible then a traditional rubber air hose. This makes the regulator more comfortable to use underwater and easy to pack when we travel.

Multiple Air Hose Connection Ports :
The Mikron Regulator is designed to work anywhere in the world. Scuba divers in most countries have their regulator mouthpiece hose come over their right shoulder. Scuba divers in France and French countries have their regulator mouthpiece come over their left shoulder. The Mikron Regulator has air ports that allow for the regulator hose to come over either the left or right shoulder. Additional ports also allow for air hoses for the BC, alternate air source, dry suit , air gauge, wireless dive computer transmitter, air tools, etc. to be worn on either side, too!

Changeable Air Tank Connectors :
Two different types of air tank valves are used around the world. The Mikron Regulator connector can be changed to work with either type of air tank valve.

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