A Snorkel is a special tube we breathe through while swimming on the surface of the water.
A snorkel lets us breathe with our faces in the water without wasting the air from our air tank. Snorkels are especially useful when our air tanks are nearly empty and we have a long swim to the boat or shore.

Required Features
Comfortable Mouthpiece:
A comfortable mouthpiece prevents our jaws from getting tired fatigue and the mouthpiece from cutting into the inside of our mouths. Some snorkels have smaller mouthpieces for people with smaller mouths.

Proper Fit and Location on Mask:
A snorkel should be attatched to the mask strap so it’s ready and easy to find when we need it. and out of our way when we don't.

Aqua Lung® Impulse 3 Snorkel
The Aqua Lung® Impulse Snorkel is the most popular snorkel in the world for SCUBA divers! The Impulse 3 Snorkels that Mr. & Mrs. Brown use are the newest, improved versions of the original Impulse Snorkel. (Mr. Brown's snorkel is neon yellow. Mrs. Brown's snorkel is aqua.)

Mr. & Mrs. Brown have been using Impulse Snorkels since they were invented several years ago. They love this snorkel because they don't get mouthfulls of water when using it in rough seas and it is very easy to blow out what little water gets into the snorkel. The Impulse 3 Snorkel is an new streamlined version of the original.

Special Impulse 3 Snorkel Features
Changeable Mouthpiece Sizes:
This allows us to use the right size mouthpiece that is specially designed for a more comfortable fit.

Large Breathing Tube:
A wide diameter breathing tube gives us easier and more comfortable breathing.

Smooth Curved Breathing Tube:
Gentle tube bend reduces breathing resistance making it easier to breathe.

Streamlined Design:
Less drag in the water.

Two-Valve System:
To provide the driest breathing snorkel possible, the Impulse 3 uses a unique two-valve system. If a wave breaks over the snorkel, the PATENTED, upper, ANNULAR VALVE directs most of the water out before it even reaches the mouthpiece. Any water that does get past the annular valve usually drains out the lower valve.

Water Reservoir:
The reservoir located below the mouthpiece keeps breathing path clear of excess water.

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