Dive Weights:
Most people float (positively buoyant). The wetsuits we wear are very postively buoyant also. To easy descend underwater we need to wear weights (negatively buoyant). We add or remove weights to help us adjust whether we float or sink. The Dive Weights are nylon mesh pouches fiiled with heavy, tiny lead pellets.

Weight Belt:
The oldest form of weight system is the weight belt. The most typical is a nylon belt with lead weights threaded onto it. Also available are fabric belts with weight pockets for more comfort. 

Integrated Weights:
Integrated weights are built into a BC. This eliminates a need to wear a separate belt, and we find them much more comfortable than weight belts while diving.

Required Features
Quick Release:
Regardless of type or model, for safety your weight system must have a quick release that allows you to use one hand in one motion to drop enough weight to float on the surface reliably.

Reliable buckles:
While you need a quick release, you also need to be sure you don’t accidentally drop weights unexpectedly.

AQUA LUNG/Sea Quest® BC Integrated Weight System
The Aqua Lung/Sea Quest® Pro QD i3 BC that Mr. Brown uses and the AQUA LUNG/Sea Quest® Pearl i3 BC that Mrs. Brown uses both have Integrated Weight Systems built into the BCs. For comfort we use lead shot soft weight bags.

Special Integrated Weight System Features
Two Weight Pockets:
One on each side of the front of each BC. We can add equal amounts of weight to each side to be comfortably balanced underwater.

Large Weight Pockets:
This allows us to add more weight when we wear thicker, more postively buoyant wetsuits.

Velcro Weight Pocket Closures:
This allows us to quickly change weights.

Two Quick Release Pulls:
Allows us to quickly and easily release one or both weight pockets for additional positive buoyant.

Sure Lock Weight Pockets:
The SureLock™ Weight Pockets lock into place so weight pockets are held securely in BC. A simple, single-pull release is all that is needed to release the weights in an emergency.

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