A wetsuit is a special foam rubber suit that we wear to help keep us warm underwater and to protect us from getting cut or scratched. A wetsuit provides insulation as well as protection, and can keep us comfortable in water as cool as 50ºF. Wetsuits get their name because even though they keep you warm, you get wet – they trap a small amount of water between the suit and your skin that your body quickly heats.

Required Features
Proper Fit:
Wetsuits work best when they fit very snug so the warm water trapped between our skin and the wetsuit does not get flushed out by the outside, colder water coming into the suit. For that reason we look for wetsuits that are form-fitting, like a second skin.

Proper Thickness:
In warmer water we wear a thinner suit. In colder water we wear a thicker suit. (In REALLY COLD water we wear a special drysuit, which keeps us totally dry!)

AQUA LUNG® AquaFlex Wetsuit Jumpsuit
The wetsuit Mr. Brown wears is a form-fitting AQUA LUNG® AquaFlex wetsuit jumpsuit. The jumpsuit style of wetsuit is one piece with a single zipper on the back, like a surfing wetsuit. The high quality AquaFlex jumpsuit is one of the warmest and most durable available today. Not only is it warm but because of the soft and stretchy AquaFlex material it is very comfortable, too!

Special AquaFlex Wetsuit Features
AquaFlex Material:
Specially made 4-way high stretch neoprene rubber. Non-petroleum based neoprene raw material is more environmentally friendly.

Outer Fabric:
Outer nylon fabric is a tighter weave making it more resistant snags and tears.

Inner Fabric:
Inner nylon fabric is soft and easy to slide into.

Back Zipper:
A heavy duty non-corrosive metal zipper is used for durability.

Water Shield:
The back zipper has an internal triple seal rubber Water Shield to help prevent water from entering suit through the zipper. Water Shield also functions as a spine pad to help prevent water from flowing down spine depression.

Kidney Pads:
Extra layer of neoprene rubber over the kidney areas for extra warmth.

Knee Pads:
The molded rubber knee pads are stretchy for comfort and prevent wetsuit knee abrasion.

Back Zipper:
A heavy duty non-corrosive metal zipper is used for durability.

Ultra Stretch Wrists and Ankles:
Ultra Stretch wrists and ankles allow for easy putting on and taking off wetsuit.

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