Christmas in Belize

Location:Belize City - Belize

Day 14
by Wayne & Karen Brown

After getting off Belize Aggressor III we visited Belize City (population 70,000) and some Belizean friends of ours. It's Christmas time here, just like it is where you live. Even though the weather here is warm and sunny people celebrate the Christmas season much like the way you do in your town.

We walked into downtown Belize City and found the people busy shopping for their Christmas gifts. The shops had Christmas lights and decorations in the windows. In front of one of the shops was a band playing Christmas songs, like "Jingle Bells: and "White Christmas". (We thought this was funny because no one has ever seen snow here.) The Christmas songs had a Caribbean beat because the band playing them was a steel drum band!

In the center of town was a park surrounded by Christmas lights. In the center of the park was a big inflatable Santa Claus and a real Christmas tree!

After our walk through town we picked up a 4-wheel drive and drove about 20 minutes to the west to visit our Belize friends, the Aikmans. We had not been to Belize to visit them in about 10 years. They had moved into a new house much like a house you and your family may live in.

Just like houses in your neighborhood the Aikmans had their house decorated for Christmas. Christmas lights were hung around the edge of the roof. A large inflatable Santa was on the roof. Santa was bent over from the wind and looked like he was trying to wave at us.

Our friends, Mr. and Mrs. Aikman, have three kids - Inga (age 15), Anya (age 10), and Mischa (age 8). The kids showed us their Christmas tree. This year it is an artificial tree. They said they have always had a real Christmas tree other years. The Christmas trees come from Pine Mountain in Belize. This year an insect is killing the pine trees, so they could not get a real tree this Christmas..

The Aikmans invited us to come with them to a special Christmas program in Belize City at the Anglican Church that night. Inga, Anya and Mischa will be performing in the program.

That night the old church was filled with people. We all sang the same Christmas songs that you sing. We watched as Inga and Anya performed four different Christmas ballet dances. A choir sang Christmas songs. At the end there was a Christmas play with Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, angels and shepherds (Mischa was one of them.).

We enjoyed the Christmas program. This Christmas program made it feel like Christmas back home for us.It was nice to see that even though we are thousands of miles from home people in Belize celebrate Christmas just like we do at home. After the program we said "good-bye" to the Aikmans and got in our 4-wheel drive to drive out into the rainforest.

We know you will be reading this after Christmas, so we hope everyone had a great Christmas! Join us tomorrow as we start our exploration deep into the rainforests of Belize.

Merry Christmas to all our adventurers,
Wayne & Karen Brown


Belize City, Belize

Position: 17º 30' N / 88º 11' W
Air Temp: 88ºF
Weather: light breeze, sunny with scattered clouds.

The Belize City park is decorated for Christmas. We found this big Santa and a tall Christmas tree.

The Aikmans have their house decorated for Christmas with Christmas lights and Santa on the roof. (Karen is watching Anya and Mischa play with their dog, Friend-Friend.)

At home around their Christmas tree are (left to right) Inga (age 15), Mischa (age 8) and Anya (age 10).

Mr. & Mrs. Aikman, with Mischa, Anya, and Inga, in front of the Anglican Church after the Christmas program. Mischa is a good shepherd. Anya and Inga are ballet dancers and perform Christmas ballet dances.

IIn the Christmas play you can see Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, the angels and the shepards. (Mischa is in the front wearing an orange head scarf and hold a staff.)


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