Our Student Explorers Farewell

Location: Puerto Cortez - Honduras

Day 28
by Wayne & Karen Brown

Nantucket Clipper is docked a Puerto, Honduras. We have come to the end of our expedition. Before everyone leaves we asked or student explorers what they liked and didn't like about the expedition.

Katie (age 16 - 11th grade): Katie's favorite things were working with the dolphins (especially kissing the dolphins - Day 26), exploring Tikal (Day 25), and hiking in the rainforests. She wished had more time to get a good tan.
Alle (age 16 - 8th grade): Alle's favorite things were the dolphins and exploring Tikal. Her least favorite thing was hiking on the slippery, muddy trails in the Belize rainforest (Day 23 - Part 1)
Mallory (age 12 - 6th grade): Mallory's favorite thing was climbing to the top of the temples at Tikal. Mallory also liked working with the dolphins. She had worked with dolphins before in the Bahamas, but she liked this time best.
Sophie (age 11 - 6th grade): Sophie's favorite thing was working with the dolphins. Sophie's least favorite thing was our ship rocking when we were in rough seas.
Abby (age 11 - 6th grade): Abby's favorite thing was working with the dolphins, especially kissing the dolphins. She also liked climbing to the top of the temples at Tikal. Her least favorite thing was the rough seas.
Carolina (age 7 - 2nd grade): Carolina's favorite thing was playing with the dolphins. She liked watching them jump. She didn't like the rough seas and our rocking ship.
Frank (age 14 - 9th grade): Frank's favorite things were Tikal and all the rainforest hikes. Frank also liked working with the dolphins. He had worked with dolphins before in the Hawaii, but he liked this time best.
Spencer (age 14 - 9th grade): Spencer's favorite thing was Tikal. He also liked the dolphins. Spencer like taking the small boats to explore jungle rivers (Day 23 - Part 2 & Day 24). He didn't like the rough seas.
Alexander (age 13 - 8th grade): Alexander's favorite things were all the animals we saw. He expecially liked going snorkeling to see the fish.
Dan (age 13 - 8th grade): Dan's favorite things were Tikal, the dolphins, and see the rainforest animals. Dan wished he had more time to explore Tikal.
Peter (age 9 - 4th grade): Peter liked everything about the expedition. He especially liked the monkeys that we saw.

We said good-bye to all our student explorers and their parents. Before get off the ship and end our online expedition join us for our final day when we talk about what we learned from our expedition.

Best fishes,
Wayne & Karen



Puerto Cortez, Honduras

Position: 15º 57' N / 88º 58' W
Air Temp: 88ºF
Weather: light breeze, sunny with scattered clouds.

Our student explorers liked our rainforest hikes and looking for animals that lived in this habitat.

This is the Rio Dulce (Day 24). (Spencer liked the small boats we used to explore the jungle rivers.)

Everyone loved exploring and climbing the temples of Tikal (Day 25). (Alexander is standing in front of the Temple of the Giant Jaguar.)

Everyone loved working with the dolphins on Roatan (Day 26). (Katie bends down for a dolphin kiss.)


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