Getting Ready

Location: Irvine, California

Fall 2001
by Wayne and Karen Brown

We are preparing for our winter underwater expedition to explore the rainforests and coral reefs of Belize. Each expedition requires lots of planning and preparation. Sometimes after doing all the planning and preparation something happens that you couldn't plan and prepare for. September 11th changed our plans for starting the expedition in September. This was probably a good thing because Hurricane Iris slammed into Belize during the time that we would have been there. Unfortunately new baggage restrictions may limit some of the equipment we were planning on taking with us. Of course we will have our laptop computer, underwater camera equipment, scuba equipment and underwater scooters. This time we may not be able to bring our kayaks as we did for our 2000 Caribbean Sea Expedition.

We are now on track to begin our expedition after the first week in December. Thanks to Captain Wayne Hasson of The Aggressor Fleet, we will be spending a week on one of his live-aboard dive boats, the Belize Agressor III, to investigate the world's second largest barrier coral reef. This barrier reef is located along the coast of Belize. The second week we will be exploring the rainforests, caves and rivers of Belize. The last two weeks we will be on the ship Nantucket Clipper exploring ancient Mayan ruins and the islands along coasts of Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras. In Honduras will be visiting a dolphin research center and swimming with dolphins!

We will try to visit the best and most interesting places to explore. Belize has so many fascinating and exciting places to study we have to be very picky about where we go and what we think you would like to see and learn about. Besides the rainforests and coral reefs there are ancient Mayan temples hidden deep in the jungle!

If all goes according to plan this will be the most fun and exciting expedition yet! During our explorations to discover the health of the rainforests and coral reefs we will be in the sky, underwater, on jungle rivers, in rainforest canopies, in dark caves and on deserted islands. In addition to our scuba diving explorations we hope to be flying, mountain biking, kayaking, caving, and hiking. We will be going from high in the sky to deep underwater, and from the tops of ancient Mayan temples to deep underground in caverns searching for the mysterious Mayan Underworld.

In addition to our expedition planning and research we are gathering and checking our equipment and practicing the various adventure sports that will be part of our Internet Expedition. This summer we were kayaking on rivers deep in the forests of New Hampshire, mountain biking through narrow forest trails in California, and scuba diving in the California Channel Islands.

We look forward to sharing our adventure with you on this year's Ocean Adventure Online Expedition!

Best Fishes to all our Ocean Adventurers,
Wayne & Karen Brown


Wayne and Karen are working on the expedition web site to get ready for their expedition.

Wayne and Karen are testing their COBRA T/A Traveler kayaks on a river
in New Hampshire.

Wayne is practicing his whitewater kayaking skills in New Hampshire.


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