Expedition Sponsors 

An expedition requires financial assistance to pay for things like food, lodging, transportation, clothing, and specialized expedition equipment. For our expedition, most of the money comes from us. The money we earn from our school assembly programs and selling our pictures to book and magazine publishers helps us pay for our expeditions. We also have sponsors who support our work in two ways: getting students excited about the nature, science, technology and providing us with some of the needed equipment. They are listed below. Check them out to learn more about the equipment they make.

Think about past and present explorers and adventurers. Did they have any sponsors or supporters? Who were their sponsors? Why did the sponsors want to help those people and their expeditions? Do you think those explorers and adventurers could have made their expeditions without the help of their sponsors?

-Wayne Brown

Click on our sponsors logos or names to learn more about them.

Expedition Ship - Clipper Odyssey
CLIPPER CRUISE LINES - Clipper Cruise Lines specializes in small small adventure cruises around the world. The Clipper Odyssey is based in the Pacific Ocean. This ship is 304' long, 51' wide steel hull ship and pampers 128 passengers with luxurious staterooms and 5-star cuisine. This ship is specially designed for expedition travel and has large inflatable landing boats for going ashore in remote areas. Onboard naturalists and historians lead excursions and offer evening lectures so passengers can learn more about the people and animals they are seeing.

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