• Do you know how many kinds of different fish there are?

There are about 25,000 different kinds (species) of fishes that we know of, but new species of fishes are still being discovered today. If you become a marine biologist maybe you could discover a new species of fish.

• What is the most common fish in the sea?

The most common fish in the sea are the smallest fish, sardines and anchovies. (Do you like anchovies on your pizza?) These small fish are an important part of the ocean food chain, because they are the fish that many other animals, even people, eat.
• Have you ever been bitten by a fish?
Yes. We get bitten by fish all the time. Fortunately the fish that bite us don't have big, sharp teeth. Sometimes we get our hands and fingers bitten by the fish when we are feeding them. When the fish bite us they usually don't even scratch our skin. The worst that happens is that being bitten by the fish is like being scratched by sandpaper.

• What is the most dangerous fish in the ocean?

There are many kinds of dangerous fish in the ocean. They may be dangerous because they have poisonous spines, electricity, or sharp teeth. Just because fish are considered dangerous does not mean they will try to bother us. The reasons that fish have poisonous spines, electricity, or sharp teeth, are to protect themselves or to catch their food. The fish considered dangerous are usually scared of us and will try to stay away from us. In most of The Ocean Adventure programs we show you so-called "dangerous" fish we have worked with.

• What is your favorite fish?

Mrs. Brown: My favorite fish is the queen angelfish. The queen angelfish is the prettiest fish in the Caribbean Sea.
Mr. Brown: My favorite fish is the frogfish. The frogfish is the fish that fishes for fish.
(In The Ocean Adventure program, The Caribbean Sea Expedition, we show you frogfish and queen angelfish.)

• Do you eat fish?

Yes, but we don't eat any fish we know personally.

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