• I see jellies.

Jellyfish are not fish. Jellyfish are not even related to fish. Jellyfish are in a group of animals related to sea anemones and corals, called cnidarians (NID-DARE-EE-ENS). The proper name for jellyfish is, sea jellies.

• Most poisonous animal on the planet!

Australia's box jellyfish is the most poisonous animal on Earth. Its sting can kill a person in less than three minutes

• Son, you may only grow up to be a stinger, but you can be the best darn stinger in the world!

The Portuguese man-o-war jellyfish is actually a colony of hundreds animals, each with a special duty: feeding and digestion, protection (by stinging), reproduction or transportation.

• They don't know up from down!

The upsidedown jellyfish is has plant cells in its tentacles. It is often found laying on the bottom in swallow tropical seas. It lays upside down so the plant cells in its tentacles can get the sunlight they need. The upsidedown jellyfish gets its food from the plant cells and can also catch its food with its stinging tentacles.

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