• How many years have you been scuba diving?

Mrs. Brown: I have been diving over 35 years and have made over 2,000 scuba dives.6 Mr. Brown: I have been diving over 40 years and have made over 5,000 scuba dives.

• Is it fun going scuba diving?

Yes. There are lots of funny and unusual animals that live in the oceans. We like to feed and play with many of the underwater animals we meet.
• What's it like to scuba dive?
It is like being Superman. We can fly. We can pick up things that are usually too heavy to pickup out of the water. When you get to be 12 years old you are old enough to learn how to scuba dive. Even if you don't scuba dive you can still explore underwater just by putting on a face mask and putting you face in the water. In many of our Ocean Adventure programs we bring our special Aqua Lung scuba diving equipment and show how we use it.

• Is scuba diving important and is it easy?

Yes and yes. Scuba diving allows us to study animals in their environment, without taking them out of the water. Scuba diving is important for anyone who would like to explore the underwater world. Scuba diving is also important for the military and industry. Scuba diving is so easy almost anyone can do it. There are even scuba diving classes for people in wheel chairs.

• How old do you have to be to be a scuba diver?

You have to be at least 10 years to learn to scuba dive.

• Where did you get your scuba diving equipment?

The equipment came from a company called Aqua Lung / U.S. Divers. Aqua Lung / U.S. Divers makes snorkeling and scuba diving equipment. This company was started by Jacques Cousteau. Aqua Lung / U.S. Divers is the oldest and largest manufacturer of scuba diving equipment in the world. Aqua Lung / U.S. Divers is in California, near where we live. Most of our scuba diving equipment was donated to us by Aqua Lung / U.S. Divers. (We bought our underwater camera equipment from camera stores.)

• How do you fill up your air tanks?

How do you fill up your bicycle tires? We fill up our air tanks the same way. We use a great, big air pump, that runs on a big motor, and pumps air back into our tanks.

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