• If humans have heart-to-heart talks, do octopi have heart-to-heart-to-heart-to-heart-to-heart-to-heart talks.

An octopus has three hearts.

• I bet they're not allowed free refills on sodas.

A pufferfish can suck in about 1 quart (1 liter) of water. This is like you drinking a tubful of water equal to your body size!

• Mr. Mom.

Male seahorses have a pouch on their front like a kangaroo. When the mother seahorse lays her eggs, she lays them in the pouch of the father seahorse. The babies develop in the expanding pouch of the father and are born alive from the pouch of the father seahorse. So, it's the father seahorse that gets pregrant and has the babies underwater!

• They never get a sore stomach.

All fish have intestines, but not all fish have stomachs. A seahorse ia a fish that has no stomach.

• Get your stomach out of my cereal!

When a sea star finds something good to eat it sticks its stomach out of its mouth. It lays its stomach down on what it wants to eat. When it is done eating it swallows its stomach and crawls away, searching for something else to eat.

• Army babies.

Some sea stars can reproduce by breaking off the tips of an arm. The broken-off arm grows to become a new baby sea star.

• If you thought shoveling snow was tough!

Sea hares live in the oceans all around the world. Sea hares have both male and female organs, so all sea hares lay eggs. Each month every sea hare about 10 million eggs. In about a week those eggs hatch. One month later those babies each lay about 10 million eggs. Fortunately a lot of animals eat sea hare eggs, because if they didn't there would be an explosion of sea hares! One scientist figured out that if no animals ate sea hare eggs and all of the sea hares around the world laid all their eggs and all those eggs hatched and all those babies had more babies and all those babies had more babies, and so on and so on....that after one year there would be so many sea hares that Planet Earth would be covered up about 6 feet deep in slippery, slimy sea hares!

• They never get in trouble for eating with their fingers.

The horseshoe crab is the only creature on the planet that chews ifs food with its legs!

• Home, Not So Sweet, Home.

The pearlfish protects itself from predators by making its home inside the anus of a sea cucumber! This 6 inch (15 centimeter) long, slender fish enters its home by backing into the anus using its long pointed tail to wiggle itself inside.

• A real good reason to run away from home.

All lobsters are cannibals. The first thing a newborn baby lobster has to do is hide from its parents or they will eat it.

• Santa, have you seen Rudolph, lately?

Greenland Sharks have been seen eating reindeer when they fall through the ice.

• For those of you who thought dust mites living in your home carpeting were scary...

Zillions of microscopic creatures on the beaches scavenge the sand for whatever is dead that used to be alive. These tiny creatures are called Meiofauna. One handful of wet sand can contain thousands of them. Were they not there eating all the dead stuff, bacteria would multiply, out of control, and your nice sandy beach would become a smelly, scummy flat.

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