In this fun and exciting (but not scary!) program your young patrons will come face-to-face with a Great White Shark! Your patrons will get a "behind-the-scenes" look at how we search for and dive with Great White Sharks!

The program begins with an introduction to sharks in general and great white sharks in particular. Children are chosen from the audience to demonstrate how sharks are adapted to their environment. Specimens and models are used to help demonstrate how sharks are different from bony fish and how sharks find their food using their seven senses. With the gigantic jaws from a 20-foot long great white shark, your patrons see how sharks continually grow and replace their teeth. Finally, our helpers assist in showing how big sharks are, from the smallest to the largest, and a few in between.

After the demonstrations, undersea explorers, Wayne and Karen Brown, then take your young patrons on their thrilling adventure in search of great white sharks in South Australia via an exciting and fast-paced, high-definition digital multi-image presentation.

In this multi-image presentation your patrons join the Browns on the expedition boat where they meet the captain and crew. As they accompany Wayne and Karen on the expedition in search of great white sharks your patrons meet animals that are part of the marine ecosystem and learn how these animals relate to the great white sharks as part of the ocean food chain. The highlight of the presentation is a dive with a 15-foot, 3,000 lb. female great white shark!

After the multi-image presentation, your patrons come literally face-to-face with a great white shark when they meet "Sheila", the 15' inflatable female great white shark.

At the end of the presentation Wayne and Karen stay to answer your patrons' questions and give your patrons the opportunity to see touch some of the models and specimens and get their photo taken with our inflatable great white shark!

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