The Norway Polar Bear Expedition - Expedition Equipment

Expedition Equipment

On The Norway Polar Bear Expedition we are searching for polar bears in the frozen Arctic around Norway's Svalbard island archipeligo by the Arctic Ocean. Expeditions require various types of equipment. The type of equipment required depends on a number of things that include: season, weather, altitude, locations, duration, etc. We will be driving inflatable boats (Zodiacs) and hiking. All the these things must be considered as we plan on the equipment we will need to make complete our expedition.

Think about past explorers and their expeditions. What were the pieces of equipment these explorers took with them? If these same explorers were making their expeditions today what are the modern pieces of equipment that these explorers probably take with them?

Arctic Expedition Equipment

LONG UNDERWEAR - Our first layer to help us stay warm.

INSULATED PANTS - Wind-proof, water-proof and warm.

- Wind-proof, water-proof and warm. Has an attached hood to help keep our head warm.

- Keeps our feet dry and warm.

INSULATED HAT - Thick wool hat keeps our head warm.

SKI GOOGLES - Covers our eyes to keep them warm and protect them from wind, rain and snow.

- Wind-proof, water-proof and warm.

- An instrument that we look through to make distant things look closer.

- We carry a rifle when we are off our expedition ship to protect us if a polar bears tries to charge and attack us.

Camera Equipment

- A special camera for taking super wide-angle HD digital video.



- A special camera for taking HD digital video.




- A professional digital still

NIKON CAMERA LENSES - Nikon cameras have different lenses that can be changed for taking picture of very large things, very small things, things far away or things very close up.

TRIPOD - A 3-legged stand that we can attach our camera to for taking pictures so the camera will stay perfectly still.

MONOPOD - A single pole that we can attach our camera to help steady the camera. The pole is adjustable and can also be used as a hiking pole.

Navigation Equipment

GPS - This instrument uses navigation satellites (Global Positioning Satellites), circleing the earth, to determine our exact position on the earth. Using position data this gps device maps our route, shows us the direction we are heading, our speed, how long until we reach our final destination, and who to return to our staring point. This gps device allows us to store location positions in its memory so we can return to locations again.

Computer Equipment

LAPTOP COMPUTER - Our laptop computer alllows you to join us on our underwater expeditions. On our expedition we use our computer to store and process the photos and videos we take, draw pictures, write our journals, record our data, use it as a calculator, send and receive email, design our and manage this web site and surf the web. (Note: In the high Arctic Internet is hard or impossible to access.)

EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE - Our laptop internal hard drive is not large enough to hold all our photos so this gives us extra storage space for our digital photos and videos.

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