The Norway Polar Bear Expedition - Zodiac Inflatable Boat

ZodiacŪ Inflatable Boat

This is a special inflatable rubber boat. We use a heavy duty version that uses heavy materials and is specially reinforced for extreme conditions. This boat makes our expedition possible, because we can run the boat up on a beach or run into ice and the boat will not be damaged. If the boat gets filled with a water it won't sink! The boat is made with five air cells so that if the boat gets punctured only one cell will lose air but the other cells will still allow the boat to float! The inflatable pontoons make the boat very stable and provide a soft seat for passengers.

MS Expedition has a fleet of these special inflatable rubber boats so we can take guests exploring or ashore or even up on an ice floe!

ZodiacŪ Mark 4 HD

Length (without engine): 17 feet

Width: 7 feet

Draft: <12 inches

Weight (without engine): 331 lb.

Max. passengers: 12

Number of Staterooms: 134

Construction Materials: Reinforced Rubber/PVC

Floor: Rigid Aluminum

Engine: 60 hp 4-stroke Yahama outboard

Max. Engine Speed: 6,000 RPM

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