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The Ocean Adventure

Bring The Ocean Adventure assemblies
to your school, library or group.

Each year we do hundreds of presentations all across the U.S. and we can bring one or more of our exciting Ocean Adventure presentations to your location. In addition to our popular school assemblies and library programs, we speak at aquariums, zoos, children's science centers, museums, fairs, scuba diving clubs and conventions, photography clubs, church groups, and retirement homes.

To schedule your presentation
(949) 510-1070
Email: (Click to email)

If we are not available to take your call please leave the following information so we can get back to you right away :
Day and evening phone number (area code & number), and the best times for us to return your call.
Dates and times you would prefer.

Please book early to guarantee an available date for your group.
(When booking please have two or more alternate dates available
in case the date you want is already taken.

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