The Antarctica Penguins Expedition:
(Topic: Antartica & Penguins)
OUR NEWEST SHOW!   Join us on our continuing annual expeditions to explore the White Continent -- Antarctica, on our face-to-face encounters with the amazing flightless ocean birds -- Penguins! Meet our life-sized, 2-foot tall Adelie Penguin and 3 1/2-foot tall, King Penguin!

The Norway Polar Bear Expedition:
(Topic: Arctic & Polar Bears)
Join us on our  expedition to visit the frigid home of the Disney movie Frozen on our search for the largest bear on the planet -- the Polar Bear! Meet our life-sized, inflatable, furry, 9-foot long, male Polar Bear!

The Belize Whale Shark Expedition:
(Topic: Sharks)
Learn about Dory's best friend from Finding Dory when you join us in Central America as we search for the largest shark on the planet - the whale shark. Join us as we dive with a 40 foot long, 10,000 pound whale shark! See our 25-foot long inflatable female whale shark!

The Mexico Great White Shark Expedition:
(Topic: Sharks)
Find out the facts versus the fantasies about sharks as we study great white sharks at Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Join us as we dive with several hungry great white sharks! Learn how sharks are an important part of the ocean food chain. See our 15-foot long inflatable female great white shark!

The Australia Great Barrier Reef Expedition:
(Topic: Coral Reefs)
Visit the home of Nemo from Finding Nemo...Australia's Great Barrier Reef! Learn how the Great Barrier Reef was formed as we build a coral reef on stage! Meet some of Nemo's friends that live on the Great Barrier Reef. Come face-to-face with sting rays, moray eels and sharks!

The Caribbean Sea Expedition:
(Topic: Animal Adaptations)
Visit the island of the book, The Cay. Visit a colorful Caribbean reef fish community. See the humorous and interesting tricks fish use in the game of survival. Come face-to-face with sharks, sting rays and moray eels.

The Crystal River Florida Manatee Expedition:
(Topic: Manatees)
Get nose-to-nose with a 10 foot long, 2,000 pound Florida manatee! Join us on a manatee rescue! Learn how these endangered animals are adapted to their environment, and what you can do to help prevent their extinction. See our 10-foot long inflatable female Florida manatee!

The Silver Bank Humpback Whale Expedition:
(Topic: Whales)
Meet a 20 foot long, baby humpback whale! Join us on our expedition to the world's largest humpback whale breeding grounds... the Silver Bank, near the Caribbean Sea. See our 20-foot long inflatable baby humpback whale!

The Island of the Blue Dolphins Expedition:
(Topic: Kelp Forests)
Visit the island from the book, The Island of the Blue Dolphins. Tour the island underwater and meet the marine inhabitants. Learn why the giant kelp forests around this island are an important natural resource. Play with seals and sea lions and get nose-to-nose with sharks!

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